July is Here!

Summer is here and so are the summer temps. 80's and very humid and sunny today. It poured last night, I went for a hike up to Reed Falls, it was flowing really good.

Reed Falls is located just North of kingfield, just before the Carrabassett Vet Office, park in the turnout and your in for a relatively easy 1/2 mile hike to the falls.

Powder in the Snowfields


Warmer Today

Today wasn't as sunny as yesterday, but it was a bit warmer, but not quite springlike yet.  A covering of new snow freshened things up a bit and it was really quiet on the mtn.  Max Headroom, Bubblecuffer and Sheerboom are skiing really well.  The groomers are doing an amazing job.  Reggae is  a few days away. 

After skiing today I went for a hike to Reed Brook Falls, still a lot of snow on the trail but the water is flowing

Still winter out there!

The past few days have been cold, temps in the teens in the morning, it may be April but spring temps have yet to arrive.  Reggae is only a few days away, the crowds will be crazy but this week its quiet on the mtn.  Conditions are still really good, hard and fast.  the ungroomed is firm but still great.  Still plenty of coverage.  King Pine and Whiffletree are now closed mid week but will reopen on Friday for the weekend.

Backside To Burnt

Skied the backside, best conditions in years, then skied and hiked across the golden road to the Burnt Mtn trail, then hiked to the top of Burnt and skied the new Kennebec glade.  A great adventure but was very slow going.

Backside and Burnt Mountain are open

After 50 inches of snow in 2 weeks, the Backside of the mtn and Burnt Mountain opened this past weekend.  The Skiing is amazing, the groomers are deep packed powder and the bumps are soft and huge.  The Trees are skiing great.  The past few days have been a little windy, King Pine and Timberline have been on wind hold, but hiking to the top has been allowed.

Sunny Day

The Sun was out all day and temps were in low 30's, there was some wind but not enough to affect the lifts.  Conditions were amazing considering all the crazy weather we've had.  Haulback, Widowmaker, Ramdown, Gondi Line, Nitro/Wedge, Sluice, Narrow Gauge, Sluice, Tote Road and Sluice were all really good, a few icy patches but not bad.  Choker, Cribworks and Lower Boomauger were ungroomed and skied really good