Sunny Day

The Sun was out all day and temps were in low 30's, there was some wind but not enough to affect the lifts.  Conditions were amazing considering all the crazy weather we've had.  Haulback, Widowmaker, Ramdown, Gondi Line, Nitro/Wedge, Sluice, Narrow Gauge, Sluice, Tote Road and Sluice were all really good, a few icy patches but not bad.  Choker, Cribworks and Lower Boomauger were ungroomed and skied really good

Froze up again

Tough morning at Sugarloaf this morning, yesterdays 60+ degree temps were amazing, but by midnite temps had dropped to 30 and the snow froze up overnight. The groomers did a lot of work over nite.  This morning DRC is the high lift with Boardwalk and Lower Winters Way.  More trails should open as the day goes on.  Snowmaking has fired up on Tote Road, Kings Landing and Hayburner.

Feb spring skiing

Temps hit 68 today at the base of the superquad and the sun was out in full force. all lifts except for Timberline and West Mtn were open today. Skiing was springlike, and bare spots are starting to show on several trails. temps will drop tonight and everything is going to freeze up by tomorrow morning

New Bike Shop

Allspeed bikes out of Portland is opening a bike shop in the Outdoor Center in the same location of Bob Ash's shop and plan to open towards the end of may and offer guided tours

Another Freeze up

Conditions were at least good for a little while, rain last night froze everything. Grooming started on Tote Road and Kings Landing early in the morning, The Superquad opened around 9:30 with Tote Road, Kings Landing and Hayburner, Sluice and Spillway opened later.  Conditions were mostly granular, but one more night of grooming everything will be much better.

Pow Day

A foot of new snow, conditions everywhere are amazing!

Blower Pow

It started snowing around 11am and really started dumping around 2pm.  Its super light, tomorrow morning will be amazing.

Today was cold and windy, the humidity was almost 100% so it was a raw wind. All lifts were running and conditions are amazing.  Trees are starting to fill in again