Skidder is amazing

Partly sunny, temps in the 20's and just a little breezy, conditions today were quite good, the groomers did an amazing job, Sluice Was open and groomed, decent but could use another groom. Skidder was amazing, ungroomed and full of fresh snow from the guns. Tote, Kings, and Hayburner were firm but really good.

Snowmaking today on Narrow Gauge and Skidder and will be moving to Whiffletree tonight.

Bullwinkles opens tomorrow

Sunny Day

Its was a sunny day with temps in the low 30's.  snowmaking has shut down while it warms up but they have done an amazing job.  Skidder and Sluice were ungroomed a bit firm but still quite good.  Tote, Kings and Hayburner were amazing. 

Skidder is open

Today was a good day, the snowmakers and groomers have outdone themselves, Sluice and Skidder were both ungroomed and amazing, the guns shut down before the mtn opened, did several laps down both skidder and sluice and took a run down tote road around 10 and was surprised it wasn't skied off yet.  the Guns stayed on Gondi ext all day and will continue tonight as well as tote ext and around Bullwinkles.

Superquad, Skyline, Skidway and DRC ran today, no wind and temps in the high 20's low 30's

Carrabassett Backcountry Cycle Challenge


Sugarloaf from a different view


Recent pics, base area and hiking

On Sunday I rode the Superquad and then hiked to the top.  Great day for it!